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If you're moving home you need to get everything right and it's much easier to do this from the start so you aren't chasing your tail constantly.

If you're moving home you need to get everything right and it's much easier to do this from the start so you aren't chasing your tail constantly.

To do this you need to choose a removalist who can get the job done in a quick and professional manner.

Shopping around for moving quotes

Check out customer reviews online and ask around to see if anyone you know can recommend someone (social media really increases your reach).

Removalist Comparison websites are a good place to start too.

Get the whole cost of the removal process

To get an accurate quote you need to find out how long the move will take, whether you are being charged a flat rate or by the hour and where the start and finish is (this might not be where you assume). Ask about extra charges and storage costs if required; get an itemised moving quote.

And get it in writing

Any reputable firm will provide you with a written, itemised quote. Use it to develop an inventory and tick everything off when your move is complete.


Think about the whole journey.

  • Are their stairs that need to be climbed at your destination?
  • Is there an elevator?
  • Is there parking and easy access?
  • Get all of the little things boxed off and think, think, think when it comes to the detail.

Make sure that you tell your removalist all of this so you don't get hit with any unexpected costs.

Check your contract

Make sure that it contains the correct pick up and deliver addresses, the right dates and times, an inventory and insurance details.

Read the fine print; in fact read the terms and conditions in their entirety so you know what you are getting yourself into.

There is no such thing as a stupid question, apart from the one that you didn't ask!!

Insurance For Removalists

Any removalist worth their salt will recommend that you take out insurance for your move.

It's a good idea to ask your removalist who they recommend.

If you do this you may be able to get preferential rates from their recommendation, but additionally this is an indicator of a reputable firm who takes the protection of their customers' belongings extremely seriously.

An alternative is to Google "moving insurance"

Helping you get the best price for your removals

So there you have it; our top tips to help you choose a removalist. If you follow the advice we've offered we're confident that your move will go much more smoothly and you'll avoid unnecessary headaches.

If you know exactly what you're getting from your removalist and they are clear on your expectations you can sit back and relax...well, almost!

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